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Choose options to select your required jet:

  • Thread refers to the threaded part of the jet on Vee Jets

            1/4" and 1/8" available

  • Size refers to the angle and flow capacity of the jet

            The first part of the number (ex. 95002) is the angle (80°, 95°, 110°)

            The second part of the number is the flow capacity of water, measured in gallons per minute. (ex. 95002) A larger flow capacity results in higher flow but less heat.

  • Type refers to the jet style, either the threaded Vee Jet or flat bottom Tee Jet. (Note: Tee Jets require a retainer cap to hold it in place.)
  • Material refers to the material the jet is made out of, either Brass or Stainless Steel.


Injection Sprayer jets can be found here.

SX Tool jets can be found here.

Rotovac flood jets can be found here.

RX20 cone jets can be found here.



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