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New and Improved Urine Neutralizing Treatment

Urine Neutralizer is the premier urine neutralizer and decontamination solution for difficult-to-treat urine stains. Its primary ingredient, citric acid, neutralizes alkaline urine salts and also eliminates odors caused by bacteria. Surfactants and other agents help deliver the citric acid deep into the carpet pad to ensure thorough flushing and removal of urine salts, proteins, and fats.

8 neutralizing/cleaning agents dissolve urine salts, remove decontamination, and eliminate odors.

Urine Neutralizer can be used by itself to clean and neutralize fresh or easy-to-remove urine stains, or it can be used in conjunction with Bio-Modifier Xtreme and Urine Stain Remover for areas that have suffered extreme urine damage, especially in cases where the urine is months or years old. These urine stains are often extremely difficult to remove as chemical decomposition and the extreme alkalinity create a multitude of chemical compounds that need to be removed and the urine will often "dye" dyeable carpet such as nylon or wool.


  • Complete urine decontamination
  • Dissolves and removes alkaline salt deposits
  • Enhances the performance and speeds up the process of all enzymatic products including Bio-Charge and Bio-Modifier Xtreme
  • Botanical citric acid also aids in removing odors typically associated with bacteria


Dilution Ratios: 1:4 RTU pH: 2.8-3.5 Contains: 1 gallon






For light to medium urine damage:

Apply our all-in-one Pet Zone urine stain and odor removal solution, allow to dwell for 10 minutes. Extract. If stain is still
present, apply more Pet Zone or Urine Stain Remover and allow to dwell until dry.


For medium to heavy urine damage:

STEP 1: Decontamination with Urine Neutralizer
• Dilute Urine Neutralizer with 4 parts water in a pump or electric sprayer. Apply to the full area of contamination. Remember that the area of contamination under the carpet may be more than twice the size of the stain on the surface. Apply enough to reach the pad and subfloor. (Caution: some subfloors may be susceptible to water damage, be careful to not over apply.) Allow to dwell 10 minutes.
• Extract Urine Neutralizer with a Water Claw® or Flash Extractor™ tool. Flush clear hot water around the Water Claw® tool several times to remove dissolved urine contamination. For faster decontamination, use a Water Claw® extractor with Injectors.

STEP 2: Odor neutralization with Bio-Modifier Xtreme
• Dilute with 1 part warm water. Apply Bio-Modifier Xtreme heavily enough to penetrate all affected areas. Compressing the pad by stepping on it, or pushing down with a Water Claw, will disperse the product and provide even coverage. Use of a subsurface injection system such as the Injectimate or syringe can also be used to reach the contamination.
• Hydrocide Xtreme can be added to solution if additional odor neutralizing is needed.

STEP 3: Stain removal with Urine Stain Remover
• Polyester, olefin, triexta and solution-dyed nylon fibers will not stain.
• Pre-test in an inconspicuous area to determine fiber colorfastness. Not recommended for natural fibers like wool.
• Apply Urine Stain Remover to the surface fibers and allow to dwell for 10-20 minutes. Urine Stain Remover is ready to use and requires no dilution. Extract. If stain is still present, apply more Urine Stain Remover and leave. Note: don’t saturate pad with Urine Stain Remover since the stain is on the fibers.

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